Amy Furgiuele

Glass Necklace by Amy Furgiuele

Amy Furgiuele

Jewelry • Price Range: $30-800

Amy began working in glass more than a decade ago and was inspired and fascinated by large scale glass installations prevalent at the time. She loved the way the glass captured the light and was interlaced with the surroundings in which they were set.

However, rather than working on that large, grand scale, she preferred the more intimate nature that “working small” provided. She began working tirelessly on honing her skills in lampwork bead making and glass formation, and set about forming those creations into bold, unique jewelry.

Having won numerous awards for her work, Amy combines her glass pieces with the versatility of sterling silver. With every combination of handcrafted glass beads, flowers, leaves and vines, and hand-turned silver loops and spirals, each piece is original, different, and truly, a piece of wearable art. She strives to create jewelry pieces that are fun and fanciful and like the nature that inspires them, each is a one-of-a-kind creation!

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