Anna Repke

Fiber Art by Anna Repke

Anna Repke

Fiber • Price Range: $20-500

Coming from a long line of artists, Anna Repke, mother of ten children, unexpectedly encountered a passion for felting artistry amidst her work with border collies on her farm in Chillicothe. Incorporating her love for both nature and art, she continues to explore different felting methods to portray beauty in a unique medium.

Anna selects clean processed wool in both natural and dyed colors, making the skeletal image of the desired picture. She then “wet-felts” (turning the wool into felt) by hand; when the piece is dry, she proceeds to use a barbed needle to poke individual color fiber into the felted piece for detail creation.

Anna notes, “Each picture evolves into its own piece, almost as if it creates itself.”

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