Cathy Engberg

Oil Painting by Cathy Engberg

Cathy Engberg

Oil Painting • Price Range: $150-600

Cathy is currently working out of her home studio in Peoria, IL. She is inspired by the everyday

moments that are sometimes overlooked, or forgotten. She carries her camera with her most

times, hoping to capture some happy moments in life to paint from. Her paintings are loosely

based on the photos she takes.

Her subject matter is most often figures relaxing, children at play, or animals. Her compositions

are all about shape, color and contrast. Cathy is more concerned with the play of color in light,

and will sometimes exaggerate a color, or use it in unexpected ways. She currently works on

smooth boards and prefers to use softer brushes. She has studied with Karin Jurick, Carol

Marine, Lois Griffel, Randall Sexton, and Reginald Coleman to name a few.

When not in her studio, she can be found hiking, quilting and playing with her grandchildren.

Asked what makes her happiest about her art she replied:

“Once in a while, and it doesn’t happen all the time, I hit the absolutely correct value and color and drop it into the

shadow. The shadow will seem to almost disappear. Happiness is in the shadows for me. This is what I search for

and love.”

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