Doug and Eileen Leunig

Light Painting by Doug & Eileen Leunig

Doug & Eileen Leunig

Photography & Video • Price Range: $450-3,500

The Leunigs work collaboratively, building on each other’s strengths and talents. They specialize in a technique called “painting with light,” using high-powered flashlights and a digital camera to give an unfamiliar, magical quality to landscapes, still-life compositions, and even water.

They have had numerous exhibits of their light paintings and travel photography. In 2012, they photo-choreographed “An Evening Under the Stars” produced by Heartland Festival Orchestra. Their portfolio has now expanded to include a series of art videos.

Both Peoria natives, Doug was employed as a corporate photographer for 30 years at a Fortune 100 company. He traveled to over 50 countries and saw his work published in National Geographic. Eileen worked as writer and editor for most of her professional career. Her interest in photography was ignited in 1998 when Doug and she married and he put a camera in her hands.

The Leunigs devote much of their energy and passion to working for common good and generating awareness of environmental and social issues. They were names ArtsPartners of the Year in 2012 for their work as arts advocates.

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