Elizabeth Davis

Matchsticks by Elizabeth Davis

Elizabeth Davis

Mixed Media • Price Range: $75-350

After years of occasionally taking classes, in 2000 Elizabeth was fortunate to start taking classes with Preston Jackson. In 2006, she spent a week at SAIC’s Ox-Bow and discovered encaustic – an ancient, versatile and compelling medium that is durable and creates vibrant, luminous colors.

Pieces are built up in heat-fused layers, scraped back, built up again – a process of conceal and reveal. The transparency of the wax allows previous marks and layers to show through.

In many ways Elizabeth’s encaustic pieces embody Pentimento – a very physical way to regard what was and reinterpret it. The past informs and shapes the present. The first line, first mark, first bit of color shapes a piece and takes it in a direction unique to those choices.

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