Florence Gaffney

Oil Painting by Florence Gaffney

Florence Gaffney

Oil Painting • Price Range: $200-800

Raised in the Midwest and after retiring from the business world, Florence began her career in oil painting about seven years ago.

Florence is a realistic oil painter. She favors still life paintings with an impressionistic style, but also explores figurative and landscapes.

Traveling is one of her passions; her photos and memories from the trips are some of her treasures which she encompasses into her paintings.

Her goals are to grow as an artist through eduation and experience. She has studied with Ken Tiessen, Tracey Frugoli, C.W. Mundy, Elizabeth Robbins, Carolyn Anderson, Laura Robb, Quang Ho, and Roger Dale Brown. These students have allowed her to paint with confidence and to build a foundation of knowledge.

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