Jean Gronewold

Spring on Illinois River by Jean Gronewold

Jean Gronewold

Painting/Mixed Media • Price Range: $100-500

As long as she can remember, Jean has had a passion for art. Her paintings reflect her inner most feelings and, as she says: “I really feel alive when that brush first touches the canvas!” As an artist, she is not afraid to take a risk and enjoys the challenge of experimenting with different types of media including acrylics, watercolor, mixed media and collage.

Her painting style varies depending on what inspires her at the moment; she paints both objective and non-objective pieces. She is also fascinated by “found objects” and often uses recycled items to add elements of texture and dimension to her work.

Jean is an active member of several art programs and organizations including The Fine Art Society of Peoria, the Galesburg Civic Center for the Arts and the Illinois Art League. She is actively engaged in teaching community hands-on art programs at both Bradley University for the Osher Life Long Learning Institute and at the North Campus of Illinois Central College. Jean also enjoys lecturing and facilitating art history study groups for the Osher Life Long Institute at Bradley University.

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