Lyn Wiley

Necklace by Lynn Wiley

Lynn Wiley

Jewelry • Price Range: $20-80

Lynn has always loved to buy, sell and wear jewelry. She worked in the retail jewelry industry for over 20 years and 15 years as an account manager for an e-Commerce/Telesales business.

After retiring she found herself needing something to do, so Creations by LL&M was formed. Creations by LL&M consists of one grand-neighbor (Lynn), one extraordinary kid (Lena) and one resourceful mom (Mary) enjoying the craft of making something.

Lynn’s contribution is making coin jewelry. When asked, “why coins?” She replied, “Who doesn’t like to wear money?” She refers to her creations as unique money memories. Her jewelry is made from coins from various countries that she or friends have collected from vacations or business trips. She strives to make every piece fun and affordable.

Lynn can also make you a custom piece of jewelry using your coins from your travels.

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