Michael Vujovich

Final Harvest by Michael Vujovich

Michael Vujovich

Photography • Price Range: $150-300

“Just another Harley-riding, guitar-playing, songwriting, photo-taking, web-developing, good-timing, narcoleptic Star Trek geek.”

Born and raised in central Illinois, Mike grew up with a camera in his hands, but didn’t realize the potential of taking fine art photographs until college. Upon graduating from Bradley University here in Peoria, he started pursuing his craft and refining his vision on a regular basis. Through years of exploration, he stumbled upon his passion for portraiture and landscapes, particularly "abandoned" urban and rural subjects.

Whether he is behind the lens or his workstation, his unique talents with a camera and a computer make him one of the most exciting photographers in the Midwest. You never know what he will come up with next!

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