Mike Shular

Gourd Art by Mike Shular

Mike Shular

Gourd Carving • Price Range: $35-1150

Born in 1955 in Knoxville, Tennessee, Mike has always been an artist. Over the years, he has worked in a variety of mediums including wood, pen, pencil, metal and ceramics. He has always been self-taught, but has taken a few art classes for additional background and techniques.

Mike is currently fascinated with working in pyrographic design on gourds. Inspired by nature and the world around him, he puts his own twist on a common craft medium and takes it to a new level with intricate designs and cutouts.

He Draws the design on the gourd, burnds the design into the gourd in a sculptural way, then makes cut outs. He then adds translucent inks and dyes to let the natural, wooden nature of the gourd shine through.

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