Tracey Frugoli

Little Rock by Tracey Frugoli

Tracey Frugoli


Born in 1966 in Chicago, oil painter and photographer Tracey Frugoli has always known she would be an artist. Growing up in a creative household, she enjoyed unusually intensive art training in her suburban high school. She went on to earn a BFA in fine art, and a MA in Art Therapy. She has been painting in her current style since 1998 and done portrait photography since 2011.

Inspired by light and beauty, Frugoli unapologetically eschews novelty and shock in favor of authenticity. She views the painting process as a humbling endeavor that seeks to reflect and, thereby, enhance the most noble of our ideals. Her painting and photography cross pollinate to keep her work fresh and vital.

Frugoli has won numerous art awards and her artwork hangs in the permanent collection at the Academy Art Museum in Easton and in numerous private collections. She is the current Illinois/Midwest Regional Editor for Fine Art Connoisseur and is a founding member of the Central Illinois Artists Organization (CIAO) in Peoria.

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